high quality water supply since 1997

SAFA Water Technology

Safa Water Technology (Safa) is an Egyptian stock share company, established in 1997 in Hurghada – Egypt. Our core business is the RO desalination of seawater and supply of high quality potable water to our clients, which are mainly from the tourist sector (hotels, resorts) but also residential houses as well as different fields of industrial applications.

We have different locations in Hurghada and Makady Bay where we supply the potable water to our clients by pipelines or trucks. In addition we own and operate many decentral RO desalination plants on B.O.O or B.O.T. basis, which are installed directly at the client’s site.

Our motto “your best choice for potable water” is not just a meaningless phrase. Since our company foundation, we trust in German technology. All of our RO desalination plants are made by Watertec T.A. GmbH, Germany. Our water quality is always better than the required WHO standard for good potable water and will be continuously controlled by an external laboratory.

Safa is your reliable partner and stands for highest quality water at affordable prices.